Podcast stats reporting issue with "other tracks" in SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account

  • 23 June 2016
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We have a newly launched podcast hosted on SoundCloud. We have uploaded a total of 6 tracks to date, as can be seen in the screen capture below.

However, when we view Stats, there is a mysterious "Other tracks" entry that doesn't make sense, since all six of the tracks we've uploaded are clearly accounted for under "Most Played Tracks". There are references in the help section to "other tracks" being applicable when dealing with more than 50 entries, but in this case we have only six entries and there are no "other tracks" on Soundcloud. This appears to be a bug in your stats.

1 reply

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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out about this. I've reached out to our data team to gather further info around this. As it turns out, there was a "lag" between when the totals and ‘top tracks’ are being processed on our end, which temporarily showed a "dummy" Other tracks entry on your stats page in the "Most played tracks" section.

The data team is currently running some large scale maintenance on our stats service which will hopefully help for the lag to be decreased significantly, i.e. for the "dummy" to not show in the first place.

Sorry about the confusion & all the best