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  • 25 May 2019
  • 2 replies

When attempting to upload my RSS feed to Spotify for my podcast, it says to "Contact SoundCloud customer support for assistance." My feed is: . I am curious as to what the problem is because I've uploaded the same feed to iTunes Podcast Connect.

I also wanted to inquire to see if it was possible to have a different picture for my RSS feed podcast cover than my SoundCloud profile picture.

Thank you for the support!

2 replies

The same thing is happening to me! I want to add a new episode to my podcast and when I inscribe the RSS it gives me the same error. Did you solve it?
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Hey there,

Hmm, I currently don't see anything on your account @Lil Caesar that would cause this issue. I can only assume you've figured it out in the meantime. @Yes Trading it looks like your current profile picture is only ~500x500 px in size. Please be sure to upload an image that is square and at least 1400x1400px - iTunes, for instance, is asking for something between 1400x1400 and 3000x3000 px.

Hope this does the trick already.