Podcast wont play via overseas server

  • 26 July 2017
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My podcast seems to only play in my region (Australia). I've tried it from a Singapore and EU server and it does not work. What's up with that? I am on a pro plan. There is no music, nothing. I own all of the rights obviously. It's just me ranting to myself in my car so there should be no rights or legal issues. I'm thinking it's maybe a setting or something I have not filled out correctly seeing as every-time I upload it feels like I need to be a God damn recording law expert... any help appreciated. ***UPDATE*** there are zero answers to this question. When searching "country" or "region" 32 related questions and not a single answer by Soundcloud. I have seen they like to link people to here but that also provides no answer and there are only 16 of like 109 people saying they found that article helpful which kind of tells you Soundcloud do not care. ***UPDATE #2*** I have amended my meta data and permission settings with no luck. I have messed around with all rights reserved settings and even set it to Creative Commons which by the way there is no way to untick or deselect "Attribution" which is not correct.... I've only been on a pro plan for a day and I'm already sick of this. Giving it one more chance before I switch off my account and move my stuff to another host. Also the fact that I am paying them and I cannot contact their support because they make it almost impossible to do so and instead they send you here to their forum is pretty bad service thus far.

5 replies

Its been 5 hours no reply. No reply yet to my support ticket either. I'm giving it 48 hrs before closing my account and switching my podcast over to another host. Terrible service thus far from both a technical and customer service point of view. I do not expect a reply based on the previous forum posts I have read and the only reason I am writing this is so that Podcasters in the future reading this are warned prior to them paying for the service.
Lol. Soundcloud can't even clean the spam from their own forums when it's flagged for them. Sinking ship. It's been 24hrs now. Ill be cancelling pro plan tonight. Such a terrible service.
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Hi Yeah Nah Bloke,

Sorry to hear you've had troubles with this. Please note that this is a Community - we're moderating as much as possible, but if you believe you need to reach out to someone from our support team, please use the contact form on our Help Center.

The spam post has now been removed.

I was able to Stream your podcast just fine from Germany. From what I've experienced with foreign servers though, they can often significantly degrade the streaming / loading speed, or don't load specific websites at all, even though people in the country of the server don't experience this issue.

What had you try this in the first place? Did you get any reports from said countries that they got an error message about regional availability?

I've also looked into your account settings and don't see anything that would keep your listeners from Streaming in any region.

I also sent a query to the support team. No response. And the issue with that form is it does everything possible to not allow you to send a support ticket. You have to literally lie in it and mark it with copyright issues or some other legal problem for it to allow you to enter a ticket as soon as you click on podcasting it just kicks you out and send you to the forums.
Thanks for getting back to me by the way.

If anyone else in another country other than AU can also test would be very appreciative of that.

I am having other issues now such as uploading. My files are MP3 approx 70MB in size and I am struggling to upload. Adblocker is off, using updated flash setttings and updated browser, not sure about encoding though. I may open a new post. Thanks