Podtrac and SoundCloud Stats Combined?

  • 16 July 2015
  • 2 replies

Question: Are the stats on SoundCloud treated as separate from those on my Podtrac account? or, do both of the stats get combined into the Podtrac account?

I cannot find an explanation of this anywhere and I am seeing two different sets of numbers when looking at SoundCloud vs Podtrac.

2 replies

Did we ever get an answer here? Sometimes the numbers are close(like within 10) other times hundreds different. They say they measure downloads but not sure what that means
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Hi there Chris,

Thanks for posting on the help forum. Hmm, let's see. So, basically, Podtrac is a platform that we sometimes recommend when users need further insights into specific stats that we currently don't provide.

However, it's interesting that you mention you're seeing two different sets of numbers (I guess Podtrac shows overall plays / downloads as well?) - any chance you can take a screenshot of those and attach them to your next response?

Looking forward to hearing from you.