Podtrac only tracking a single episode / stats

  • 5 September 2019
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Hi! I've had a podcast hosted here on Soundcloud for 4 years. It's just the basic subscription as there haven't been a ton of episodes and they're all short. I just connected Podtrac by adding the "" to the "Stats-service URL prefix" field under the content tab. I was immediately able to see stats for my first episode (from 2015) in Podtrac, but none of the other 8 episodes. Does anybody know how to trouble shoot? Thanks!!

Also, how TF does everybody who hosts on Soundcloud keep an eye on their comprehensive stats? Does Podtrac fill in all gaps? I'm now on Spotify, Pandora, in addition to Stitcher Tune-In et al!! Would appreciate help on both these counts.

0 replies

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