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  • 29 June 2015
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Hey Guys,

So all my RSS feeds (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, et cetera) are an enhanced PodTrac url that reference my SoundCloud RSS and I've been having some issues within PodTrac lately ...

So to start, the plays numbers on Podtrac's website seemed to be inflated when I had this " " in the "Stats service URL prefix " option. (It appeared as though PodTrac counted the RSS numbers twice) ...

So I moved " " to the "Subscriber redirect" option and that apparently broke my feed, as PodTrac had trouble reading / updating it ...

So, my question, if I just leave those two fields blank on, will PodTrac still know my subscriber totals since all the RSS feeds reference the enhanced url, or do I need that redirect link somewhere?

(And I'm fine just tracking plays stats in SoundCloud if need be, but it is nice to have the numbers match up.)


PS -- Not sure if this is a result of the new way SoundCloud counts RSS stats, but the timing seems to work.

2 replies

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Hi there,

Hmm, let's see - the URL will indeed only work in the "Stats service URL prefix" field. the redirect field is only needed when you want to move to a different host then SoundCloud to ensure your listeners can still access older episodes.

Can you provide some more info regarding the duplicate counts on podtrac, though? Maybe even with a screenshot to make sure we're on the same page about this?

Cheers, looking forward to hearing from you again.
Thanks for the reply Mathis!

A couple things; First, to really compare my Podtrac double counts theory, SoundCloud needs to allow the user to see daily RSS which was removed when RSS was added back to total plays. (The latter of which I support, but the former of which would still be a great option to drill down into numbers). Basically I'd need to weed out the plays in SoundCloud and on SoundCloud players, which I can't currently.

Second, the time zone SoundCloud uses seems to be oriented in Europe, so my daily numbers in stats are always not what they appear to me on the West Coast. Podtrac is oriented closer over here.

That said, avoiding that "double count" theory, on my newest episode, I removed from both fields and still Podtrac has a higher total plays ...

Podtrac has 645 for June 29 + 30 --

SoundCloud has 594 for June 29 + 30 + July 1 --

Again I have had NO stats prefix used for this episode, so SoundCloud should be higher due to plays on the website, or in the widget player ... ??

And back to my original question, it seems like without using the prefix, the subscriber numbers seem to be accurate in Podtrac ...