Previous recordings update in RSS feed(?)

  • 21 March 2015
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So I requested my Soundcloud RSS feed, got it promptly, and was able to submit it to iTunes and got approved relatively quickly. But here's a problem: I have something like 30 tracks so far, and only two of them are there on itunes. I saw that I had to go back and change the settings for each individual track to allow them to be in the RSS feed. I've done that, but nothing's updated on itunes.

My question is: how soon might they update it to show all of the tracks? It appears the RSS feed is newly updated now via Soundcloud to show all the tracks. Would anyone know this?

2 replies

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Hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch. I've looked into this for you and was able to find as much as 26 episodes in your podcast on iTunes - so it looks like you were able to figure this one out 🙂

Or, are there any further unanswered questions? If so, feel free to let us know - happy to help.

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P.S.: by the way, you can actually batch edit a multitude of your tracks now - sign in to your account and start from here: 🙂