Problem with Itunes podcast connection

  • 4 June 2019
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Hello. Have been trying to submit my podcast from soundcloud to Itunes but got this email:

After looking over your RSS feed, it looks like the subtitle and description tags no longer have placeholder metadata in them, but they include incomplete metadata now. This is what currently shows in your RSS feed:


Your description tag should be a comprehensive summary of your podcast or show’s contents for potential listeners. Your subtitle tag should contain your podcast’s subtitle (if your podcast has a subtitle).

Help listeners discover your show by adding more details about its content. You can include information like big-name guests, trending topics, or exclusive interviews. Review podcast best practices and these examples of show descriptions to get a better sense of what a podcast description tag should contain. "

Does anyone know how on earth I can fix this?

1 reply

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Hey there,

Hmm, let's see. I'd suggest to try and remove the description from your track entirely and see if this gets through - once it does, you should be able to add the description in again at a later stage. I understand this is merely a workaround than a solution, but I hope it does the trick for you.

Let the community know how it went.