Problems getting rejected by iTunes

  • 1 March 2019
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Dear all,
hope you can help.

Two times, I have had my podcast rejected by apple. And apparently for the same reason.

I have validated my feed in, and it seems to be fine.

Feed for podcast:

This is, what apple tells me:

The following podcast has not been included in the iTunes podcast directory.

Name: Living with Vikings
Feed URL:

This submission appears to be a test of the podcasting process. Please know that you can test the appearance and behavior of your podcast in iTunes by following these steps:

1. Launch iTunes.

2. In the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast.

3. Enter your feed URL in the text box and click OK.

For more information, please see the podcast technical specification at

Once your podcast is ready and you have uploaded your first episode, please feel free to re-submit it for consideration.

Pleas help, if you have any idea; what I can do.

Best wishes

Kirsten (and Nicolai - my producer)

5 replies

I'm here to report the steps we received from Apple Podcasts Support on how to fix this issue on SoundCloud:

If you have nothing in your profile's bio, it will cause Apple Podcasts to reject your submission. Make sure to fill in a short description of your show, hosts, general info etc. here:

Once you have that info populated you can try Apple's approval process again. If you're still stuck, contact them directly at

Good luck!
I'm having the same issue and error message with my podcast:

I've been rejected twice with the same "test" error message.

At this point is the recommendation to just keep submitting until it is magically accepted?
I'm having same exact issue. Did you ever get accepted?
Yes. And we dont know why we finally succeded. But one day it was accepted.
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I'm having same exact issue. Did you ever get accepted?

Hi there,

Hmm, from what I see, your podcast should be alright. It's an odd error message to be honest. The way iTunes' podcasting routine is set up is that it takes the track description and truncates it into the . However, this is not an issue we’ve had with iTunes before.

In case this is indeed the root cause, though, let's try the following: Leave the track description empty to see if they accept that and then try adding it later when you’re accepted.

Let us know how it went.