Questions about basic account and rss feed for my podcast and ordering tracks.

  • 30 November 2018
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Hi, I am new to Soundcloud and I am trying to build a podcast. I bought the prime membership with unlimited data, but I don't know if that automatically comes with an RSS Feed. Do I need to do something additional to get an RSS Feed? I am still a little confused about RSS feeds. My goal is to also get my podcast on iTunes. How do I get the episodes I have loaded into Soundcloud onto iTunes?

My other question is organizing tracks in my feed. I don't want to have to upload them all again just to get them in order. Is this really the only option? I want to order them the way I want my listeners to view them and listen to them, but I cannot find a way to move them around. Isn't this a basic feature?

Thanks for your help!

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