Radio Interview no longer available from soundcloud from ABC Hobart Tasmania - is there a way to recover ?

I have a close friend who was interviewed on ABC Radio in Hobart Tasmania and the interview was stored on soundcloud published mid 2016, but the file is no longer found. Can an archived copy being retrieved from a back-up. The title of the file was - Tassie Treasure Trove: Carina El Saouda. Its a very personal story of her life growing up, the hardships and struggles and dealing with significant and tragic loss and really means a lot to retrieve if at all possible. Any advice would be great.

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Dear Soundcloud, The podcast is which seems to have been removed now friends and family can no longer hear it. The podcast truly means a lot to Carina, her many family and friends who are hoping that Carina’s young boys one day will be able to listen to. It means a great deal can this please be reinstated. Many thanks
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Hi there,

Unfortunately, I cannot find out more information about this track or account from my end. Please have the actual uploader of the track in question reach out to our Trust & Safety team about this in order to investigate why the track might have disappeared in the first place, and if there is an option to help. They can do so here.

Thank you and all the best