Rap song attached to my podcast

  • 6 January 2018
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I uploaded my file successfully. When I played it, at the end of the podcast there was a rap song attached. How does that happen? How do I prevent this? The song was full of vulgarities and I ended up deleting the podcast b/c I don't want people to have that associated with my podcasts

4 replies

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do you mean it played within the timeframe of your track (a podcast) you uploaded or it played after your podcast was over, as an associated track?
It played after
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It played after
that's completely random. based on my experience, I think you can avoid that by liking lots of tracks that aren't like that. then they play afterwards as associated tracks.
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Hi there,

My guess here would be that a related track was playing that was not very fitting. Our algorithm takes into account a number of criteria to create the list of related tracks, but it might not always be 100% accurate. The list cannot be changed manually, but if you believe a track that was playing was offensive content and should be reported, our Trust & Safety team can have a look.

Please see here for more info:

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