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  • 13 April 2015
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I am using Soundcloud to host my podcast. I had uploaded the first episode last week and that has updated into the RSS feed and subsequently Itunes, Stitcher and my own website.
This week I signed up for Podtrac and placed the URL in the Subscriber Redirect field of the Content page in settings.
After reading some previous help topics I thought this may have been causing the issue so I removed it from the Extras page as is described in other help topics. This has completely removed all trace of the Podtrac from the Settings and has also not allowed the RSS feed to update.
Can you please advise onwhat could possibly be causing the RSS feed issue? Also how to correctly integrate the Podtrac into my feed to track listener ship?
Soundcloud Rss:
Podtrac Rss:

3 replies

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Hi there,

Mhhh - gotta love the Simpsons! 🙂

I've looked into this for you and you seem to have figured it out in the meantime - The link that needs to go into the Podtrac field in your SoundCloud settings is indeed, that is if you have a podtrac account set up. This seems to be a common issue when users put in the custom podtrac URL, which then breaks the RSS feed. I'll make sure to forward this to the relevant product team.

Now, both of your episodes are in your RSS feed and should show in iTunes, Stitcher, etc., correct?

Thanks, I did figure it out in the meantime.

I am now having a slightly different issue. I have updated the image in the Profile for the Podcast.

This has not updated in iTunes. I have changed the file name as I thought maybe it wouldn't realise that there had been a change made as the file name is the same.

The image has updated in Stitcher but not iTunes.

As you can see on the soundcloud the image has a cloud background where as on iTunes it is just a straight blue background. Not the most earth shattering problem but it is niggling and annoying.

Here is the link to the iTunes page for the podcast.

What did you figure out? Because I am only getting 2 of 4 shows in Sticher and iTunes..I am new to this....