RSS Feed Subscriber Redirection not Working

  • 9 November 2015
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Recently I started to host my podcast on another place and I needed to redirect my iTunes and others rss readers subscribers to my new URL Feed Rss.

I followed this instructions:

I filled the filed with this:

Since then I'm receiving this message: "This RSS feed has been redirected, and SoundCloud cannot guarantee the safety of external links. If you would like to continue, you can navigate to ''. RSS Readers and Podcasting apps will be redirected automatically."

The problem is that Rss Readers and Podcasting App are not being redirected.

Soundcloud RSS Feed on iTunes

My iTunes Channel

Soundcloud RSS Feed on Feedly

6 replies

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Hi, 45minutos

So upon entering your page, it seems that you haven't posted anything yet. Try adding one of your episodes and trying again, and make sure that all the episodes you want on your podcast have RSS feed enabled.

Let me know how this works,
Andrew (Alias AM)
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Hi there,

@Alias AM, I believe 45minutes have already put a redirect in place - basically so that users who want to listen to previous episodes - which were still hosted on SoundCloud - can still do so, though new episodes are going to be hosted somewhere else then SoundCloud.

@45minutos - we've had a very similar case here. I'm reaching out to the product team to take a look into this.

Thanks for your patience.

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It looks like there might be an issue with the address you're redirecting to: - I get a bunch of redirect loop errors when I go there in my browser.

However, seems to load better. Can you try using that in the redirect field, and seeing if things work better?

Hope this helps!

I changed the URL to
But the problem is that Soundcloud is not redirecting. Even my feed rss was completely broken, the soundcloud rss url should be redirecting. Just a 301 redirect, like that ones you put in a simple .htacccess file.
My new Rss is powerred by the Wordpress plugin Powerpress
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Hey, your feed works for me correctly in iTunes. It just takes a second refresh for iTunes to catch up to the redirect.