RSS Feed won't connect with iTunes

  • 19 October 2017
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I've tried validating/connecting with iTunes. It says it can't read the feed. When I enter the feed directly into my address bar it says "This RSS feed has been redirected, and SoundCloud cannot guarantee the safety of external links. If you would like to continue, you can navigate to ''. RSS Readers and Podcasting apps will be redirected automatically."

That is my website where I currently share links to the soundcloud episodes. Please advise. Thanks!

2 replies

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Check the Content tab of your SoundCloud dashboard. You (or someone else with access to your account) put a URL in the redirect field. That was probably a mistake. If you still want to use the SoundCloud podcast RSS feed, clear that field and save the changes.
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hey there,

Hmm, from what i can see, you should be all set - you've got episodes in your feed, the image is big enough (and square), the feed validates when checking on, so you're good as far as the setting on SoundCloud's end are concerned. If this issue persists, please consider reaching out to the iTunes support to see of they can help further.