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I submitted my podcast to iTunes and it was rejected for no specific reason (I've emailed them and am waiting to hear what they say). I went through and cleaned up all the things I thought it could be in the meantime - image size, possible copyright on an image which I changed, etc. Once I cleaned it up, I resubmitted the RSS feed, but iTunes now says that "feed has already been submitted". I changed one word in the title to see if that changed anything, but it didn't.

When I click on my Sound Cloud link on my iPhone, I am able to see my podcast in the Apple Podcast app - AND I am able to see any changes I make on Sound Cloud and any new episodes reflected instantly on the app.

I believe that what I need is a fresh RSS feed to submit. Can anyone advise me on this? My podcast is about the Real Housewives and the world needs to hear it in order for there to be peace and an end to all violence. I am trying to change lives with my podcast about the Real Housewives, please understand the urgency and also sarcasm.

Thank you!

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i am also having trouble when resubmitting. what exactly are you referring to when you say "link field"
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there is no need to do all that... please keep in mind that apple checks podcasts periodically throughout the day.. from what ive noticed its about every 45 mins or so. but may not show new changes for up to 24 hours. so you may need to make the changes and wait a while... but it does take more than just a title change...

Change the title and link fields

you might not get a response until next week as its the weekend here in silicon valley 🙂
Thanks for the help!

I tried changing the title, and it didn't work. I know the podcast and the RSS feed are working, as new episodes and new edits show up automatically on my iPhone's Podcast app. I have emailed Apple, so I guess I'll continue to wait and see what they say.

What if I were to delete my entire Sound Cloud account and start over?
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The iTunes team reviews each podcast submission. Depending on demand, it may take a week or two before the podcast is published.

If you are resubmitting a podcast for review, the iTunes Store may detect the submission as a duplicate and generate an error message stating that the feed has already been submitted. You can follow these steps to resubmit the podcast:

1. Change the title and link fields of the RSS feed to something other than what they are now.
2. Resubmit the podcast feed via iTunes.
3. Once you have successfully submitted the podcast, you can change the title and link fields back to what they were.

There are several less common reasons iTunes might have displayed this error:

• The podcast's RSS feed was not available.
• The podcast's RSS feed timed out.
• The podcast's RSS feed could not be validated.

If you are the podcaster, make sure your podcast is available on the Internet. Your podcast's RSS feed also should conform to the iTunes extended podcast RSS specification.

If you're still having trouble, consider consulting the Apple Support Communities forums, which have a wealth of information about specific issues. Click Producing Podcasts in the iTunes area of this page: