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  • 30 April 2015
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stats for the podcasts are now counted as downloads under their own metric.

just wanted to say thanks!!

now... is there any chance of having the rss download stats value displayed along with all the others underneath each track?

6 replies

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Hey hey,

Thanks for your praise. Glad to hear you're enjoying the metrics we provide so far. The RSS download stats are indeed currently not shown under your tracks. There's no immediate plans to put this into place, but I'll make sure to forward your feedback to the relevant team, so thank you for your input! :-)

Please redo this Mathis! It's so unfair to podcasters. I started another thread about this too. RSS and plays on Soundcloud should count as Total Plays, and should show up in each track and on the weekly total plays. Then you can break it down in the stats section. I like the separate section for RSS, but it makes it look to the Soundcloud community like there are way fewer plays than there really are. I get about 1,000 downloads a day for my podcast, but only about 30 of those on Soundcloud itself - the rest are RSS. This should be reflected! Why are you guys shutting us out?
Podcasting with SoundCloud is getting useless... unless RSS download stats are shown again !!!

Dear SoundCloud team ... please consider this into future planings! I though using SoundCloud for podcasting but now I have to search for an alternate place.

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rss stats are shown, just not publicly. there is already a discussion about this here
Come on you know we all need RSS stats to be shown either at the side of the plays or together in an aggregate metric that must be publicly visible! there's a lot of people complaining in different forums, please do something about this!