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  • 17 April 2017
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Hi There! I'd like to know how I can schedule my uploads. I have a meditation podcast, every monday i release a new meditation. But since I'm a meditation teacher, I often have times that i'm in retreat without an internet connection or phone. I'd like to be able to schedule my uploads in advance so I will be able to update my podcast every monday, even when i'm away.

I did a bit of google search, and think it's not possible... That's such a shame.
Is there any way around it? I found this recipe of IFTTT:

Does anybody use it? Does it work?

9 replies

Ugh, I thought this was a part of Pro Unlimited. That sucks. 😞
Hey Soundcloud. We need a schedule-option! Is it so hard make this option? 😉 If this is not possible, i must go to another podcast-provider, because i need to post podcasts every day ...

In another forum i have seen an screenshot from an availability-button. Is there something like that?
Yep - just like Johannes, I saw a post that showed a screenshot with the availability option. I am on the pro-unlimited plan and do not see this option.

Is it a feature - or no? Kinda insane if not...
Why is this feature not available to the paying customers?
WTF this was a feature i just spent like 15 minuets going back an forth trying to find it. I had it before i went to unlimited so WTF?
this schedule-option doesnt exist
Wrong I scheduled an album early this year and did it then.

This needs to be a feature, rather ridiculous that it's not.
Needs to be a feature