SOLVED: Problems with artwork/image NOT showing/updating on iTunes. THIS IS HOW for podcasts.

  • 14 February 2017
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Ok. So after almost a year of having problems with my podcast's artwork and SC being unable to help, I finally figured it out by myself (thanks for nothing SC).

1) Try this first (DIDN'T WORK FOR ME)but you might want to:

2) Then you might try doing what Soundcloud suggested this via their "support" email but i had already done all of that and it DIDN'T WORK FOR ME:

a. Check and enable an episode for podcasting: head to the track's edit page (pencil icon under the waveform) and select the permissions tab. Click on the option that says 'Include in RSS feed'

b. Check to see you've set the category for your podcast on your Content settings page here

c. Make sure your profile image is 1400x1400 pixels. This is the default size for images on iTunes. ====>>>> THIS IS WTONG BTW (it can do up to 3000 pixels)

NOW, for the real solution:

1) Go to Settings => Content and copy the RSS feed.
2) Go to and sign-in
3) Click on your podcast and you'll see "URL". This "sort of" contains your RSS but in a weird, abbreviated way. FIX THAT by pasting the real RSS you just copied from soundcloud. Then, you can either click enter or "Refresh feed"
4) Apple will mark your podcast as "scheduled for updating/refreshing" (or sth else but I can exactly remember, sorry :$) You podcast will have a yellow dot right next to it. That means it's retrieving the info. Wait 12 to 24 hours.

I don't know if it works for RSS feeds that aren't podcasts this might you some ideas.

7 replies

Have been trying to do this for weeks. I also did find out that the image files size has to be below 500kbs
I've tried doing this but no luck, our feed from Soundcloud and what is displayed in ITunes connect are exactly the same.
Also - the image that Apple's podcast verification system is looking at is the avatar you've chosen for your page, not the icon you've used for the playlist or track! It took me FOREVER to figure this out, and only realized it when I downloaded the image Apple showed me it was trying to use. I continually got the error regarding the image specs, and when I checked the image Apple was trying to use, it was clear it was using a different image than I thought it needed! Hope this helps, too.
Thank you so much for posting this!! We updated our cover art weeks ago but it never updated in iTunes. This finally fixed it!
This worked thank you!
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Hi Street Epistemology,

Try refreshing Facebook's cache by using their debugging tool.

Hope this helps 🙂
This was a good post, thanks. But for some reason, when I copy and paste the link to the iTunes version of my podcast into a Facebook post, for example, it shows the old artwork image associated with the podcast, and not the new artwork that now actually appears when you launch the Apple Podcast app. The RSS link in matches the current link available in SoundCloud. I am at a loss here to figure out why this is the case or how many weeks we'll have to wait until the older artwork falls off.