Some of my shows are not reflecting on iTunes (RSS issue)

  • 18 February 2020
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All of my shows show on my Soundcloud account. However; a few have disappeared on iTunes and I have not do anything to the RSS URL.

I contacted Apple with this email...

“It looks as if the shows are now gone. This is the same thing that happened when I created the ticket.
“It seems if I go to the actual episode on Soundcloud and remove the RSS option and then add it back, iTunes picks it up and it displays for a day. Then, it disappears. Meanwhile, the RSS URL doesn't change.”

Apple responded with 

Hello Jason,

As Apple Podcasts will only reflect what is in the RSS feed, you should contact your hosting provider, SoundCloud, to ask why the episodes keep getting removed from your RSS feed.


If the episodes are in the feed, we can assist with making sure they show in Apple Podcasts as long as they meet requirements.

We cannot answer why the episodes keep getting removed from your feed.

1 reply

Good talk. Thanks :)