Spotify sending code to wrong email, says it's the email associated to my account

  • 21 March 2019
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I'm attempting to upload my podcast to Spotify and I've tripled checked the email that shows as my primary in my soundcloud account. Spotify states they need to send an 8 digit code to the email address associated with my rss feed and it's not an email I recognize. I've also made sure to have my email address displayed in settings.

Underneath the "send code" option, spotify advises "to update your email address, contact your host or aggregator". Any idea on how to do this?

7 replies

I'm having the same problem here. Please let me know if you find how to solve this.
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Hey there,

Sorry to hear this is causing issues. Hmm, let's see. As far as I can see, you have provided the same email address in your general settings (primary email address) and on the Content Settings page for the podcast details. Does Spotify state the actual email address to which an email is sent?
@PocCast Hey, since you responded I wanted to make you aware of the update I found. I logged back into Spotify, just wondering if possibly giving it time to work would actually pay off.

My email is still showing up incorrectly BUT there is now an option to email an address at Spotify:
"If you don’t recognize the email address, please contact Include the name of your podcast, the link to your RSS feed and the email address of your Spotify account."

Hope this helps.

@Mathis They did provide an email address but censor out most of the letters. I only can see the first 2 and last 2 letters of the email address. It may be on their end though since they have this new option I listed above.

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Hi again @Constellations Podcast,

Thank you for the update. It'd be interesting to know what Spotify can add to finding the solution to this. I hope we can get to the bottom of this soon.
did anyone find a solution to this problem?
I emailed spotify but they told me to contact soundcloud.
Soundcloud haven't replied.
In soundcloud settings (second tab) set the adress email visible and save changes. Than try add podcast on Spotify.

Hello. I have the same problem. I can't upload my podcast to Spotify too, about 2 weeks.

Have you figured out how to do it and why it doesn't work? I recently uploaded a Spotify promotion to get noticed in the musical industry, got new followers. But I can't please them with a new podcast because this option doesn't work as it should. So, I want to push my tunes to playlists to be followed by millions. And I'm worried about an error in the work of Spotify.