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  • 11 December 2014
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I'm using an old account to publish a new podcast. We killed the old one, and decided to start from scratch, but we kept the account so users didn't had to subscribe to the new one.

So, the new show is a success! 😃 But i cant tell to the advertisers what is our average number of plays per episode. If i take the overall number of plays and divide for the total number of episodes, i would be including the old show on the account.

I really need to know the total number of downloads/plays for the new show. I've tried to put all of them inside a playlist, but this doesn't get me where i want, since there's no stats for playlists. Right now, the only thing i can do is do the math manually, or select a time range, but then i'm still counting some numbers from the old show...

3 replies

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hi there,

Thanks for visiting the help forums. I've just had a quick look at your profile & can certainly see your podcasts are proving to be very successful, that is a serious amount of plays 🙂 Good work!

Your query seems to include 2 questions so I will handle the last & easiest one first.

To know the total amount of plays/downloads for a single episode (or "new show" as you put it) then those stats should be easily visible directly underneath it in your stream. Im aware that may come across very patronizing and, if it does, I do apologise, that is not my intention & I also suspect that is something you already know but I covered it just in case.

I suspect the more pressing question you are asking regards working out the average numbers of plays per episode over a given time frame and a set amount of episodes. I can certainly understand the logic of putting them together in a playlist and, obviously, the lack of a playlist specific stat rather makes that plan backfire.

What I will do for you, as this is a very intriguing query to me, is ask Mathis or Gina for their input (they are the main Soundcloud Forum Mods and there is not much that they don't know or can't find out). It maybe that there is a technical way that these figures can be achieved or it may be a case of using the "feature request" that is available through this forum to ask for some additional "stat filters" as it were, being able to select a specific range of sounds from your profile as well as the date range that you wish to view the stats for or, a possibly simpler (he says) option of having, as you say, a stat for tunes grouped together in a playlist. It may be the case that none of it is possible but lets stay positive, ask the question & see what comes back :)

So, apologies I am unable to give you a magic answer, but didn't want you to think your query had not been picked up.

Either myself, Gina or Mathis will come back to you on this.


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Hi there, again :)

Apologies for the delay getting some more info for you. I contacted Gina & Mathis and they think while it is most likely going to be somthing that will be a "feature request", there is the possibility that a technical workaround may be available.

Gina has messaged the Soundcloud Stats team so they can look at the case and see if they know any clever workarounds. Unfortunately they won't be back in until Monday but I just wanted to let you know that it we've not forgotten about you.

Hope you have a great weekend


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Hi Tecnocast,

Apologies about the delay in responding. I'm afraid there currently is not and option to get these numbers sorted automatically. What DJ R.I.P recommend is what I'd do as well - take the stats for a single episode, then choose the date range to get numbers for a single episode.

I don't have a timeline and exact details on this, but rest assured our developers are looking into ways to get stats going that are dedicated to podcasters on SoundCloud.

The feature request conversation with further instructions can be found here.

All the best,