Submitted to iTunes...nothing.

  • 7 January 2015
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I submitted my RSS feed to iTunes ( and received an email that they "added it and it's under review". But several weeks later I can't find my episodes and cannot resubmit to iTunes (see attached). Any ideas?

4 replies

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If you were able to submit to iTunes and get a confirmation that they are reviewing it, then this means that your RSS feed (and everything from SoundCloud's side) is correct. SoundCloud hosts the feed, but cannot accelerate iTunes' review process. It can take iTunes between 24 hours and a few weeks to review and confirm a podcast to the Apple store.

This means that you will have to reach out directly to iTunes to see why your podcast may still be under reviewing, and what you can do to resubmit it.

You can read here: to check and make sure that your podcast's content fits within iTunes' guidelines under the section "Why was my podcast rejected or removed?".
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Hey, looks like you were able to get your podcast up on iTunes after all 🙂
Yes but it only pulled the 3 most recent tracks 😞 How can I get them all on there? Thanks!
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Yes but it only pulled the 3 most recent tracks 😞 How can I get them all on there? Thanks!
Hey John,

Thanks for getting back. You can choose this in the edit mode of each track individually - here's how:

If you wish to individually add or remove a sound from your RSS feed, go to the sound's edit page by clicking the pencil icon below the sound's waveform. On the edit page, go to the “Permissions” tab and click the circle 'Include in RSS feed'

This will push your sound to your RSS feed.

Just in case you haven't yet found these, here are two links for great resources about Podcasting (on SoundCloud & on iTunes):