submitting soundcloud podcast to itunes ERROR

  • 26 February 2019
  • 1 reply

I have submitted my podcast to itunes multiple times and it keeps getting rejected. I keep editing as they wish and still it fails review it says:

This submission appears to be a test of the podcasting process. Please know that you can test the appearance and behavior of your podcast in iTunes by following these steps:

I have tested it and it works and still they do not accept. VERY FRUSTRATING!


please help.

1 reply

I'm here to report the steps we received from Apple Podcasts Support on how to fix this issue on SoundCloud:

If you have nothing in your profile's bio, it will cause Apple Podcasts to reject your submission. Make sure to fill in a short description of your show, hosts, general info etc. here:

Once you have that info populated you can try Apple's approval process again. If you're still stuck, contact them directly at

Good luck!