Subtitle and Description same in itunes causing itune rejection?

  • 1 February 2019
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Hi there,
I have attempted to submit a podcast via Soundcloud to itunes but my SUBTITLE is appearing the “same” as my description?
Why is this occurring?
How do I change the subtitle in Soundcloud?
Custom feed title is different to my description.

Here is my Rss feed:

G'day all, welcome to PLANTONE Podcast. I'm passionate in attempting to get the best deal on quality products and services. The podcasts relate to Finance. Thanks for stopping by, why not subscribe!?
G'day all, welcome to PLANTONE Podcast. I'm passi…

7 replies

Do I need to go into "Metadata" and put the "Release Title" in for each podcast?
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Hi there,

Hmm, I couldn't find your podcast on iTunes. iTunes will look in the "Bio" section of your SoundCloud account for the general description, and then at the track description for each individual episode of your Podcast. A subtitle is currently not something you can set I'm afraid.
I am having the same issue and after days of back and forth with Apple Support, they recommended I ask SoundCloud to adjust my XML feed to remove the subtitle, which does not appear to be something they can (or are willing?) to do.

What's odd is that I can seemingly add the podcast manually via the podcast app and it's been accepted in Google Play and Spotify. I've confirmed my episode description and SoundCloud bio are not the same as well. This seems to be an issue on iTunes end more than SoundCloud's, but it's extremely frustrating I can't find a solution.
So I lodged a ticket and awaiting a response from Soundcloud.
Went and got a whooskaa Rss after importing soundcloud RSS to change subtitle and copy paste tags from YouTube and then uploaded to Itunes......let you know how it goes.....

Any update about this issue ?
I've got the same problem getting iTunes to validate my podcast ☹
Exact same issue for me!! super frustrating!
Hi - I'm having the same issue. Can't get any response from Soundcloud - anyone tried anything which was working? Any advice appreciated. Thanks