Suggestion: Add the monetization of podcasts

Hello SoundCloud and everybody!

I am highly interested in the possibility to monetize my podcasts.

Podcasting is an equivalent audio-log alternative to video-logs (vlogs) and YouTube started to offer a monetization years ago. Vlogging on YouTube is essentially dependent on an audio track, which contains most information, so I've read on some web pages that podcast could be even superior to vlogs.

I often listen to vloggers or interviews without watching the video, for example when I practise in the gym, do jogging etc. I really prefer the audio format. If you consume a vlog, you have to sit down and watch + listen. If you consume a podcast, you only have to listen + do wathever else you want! therefore, I'm literally confused, why SoundCloud started to offer the monetization only to the musicians. Moreover, it's an area with so much copyright infringement danger!

If SoundCloud considered monetizing podcasters, it would be a dangerous competitor to YouTube and the people would see the real potential of this great audio stream based platform. I think that ad revenue from podcasting should be the Hot topic here! It's 2018!

SoundCloud, you have great power! Please, add the option to monetize the work of podcasters!

Thank you for your time! 😀
If you agree with this, please join the discussion!

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