The availability tab on my account has disappeared.

  • 12 April 2016
  • 7 replies

I am a pro Unlimited User.

The "availability" tab has disappeared my upload options meaning I can now no longer schedule public releases of tracks.

I have not changed my upload process in any way and my account is unchanged from the other 50 or so uploads I have done to date.

This is the case on chrome and firefox using Windows 7.

I would greatly appreciate some advice on the problem.

7 replies

Hi Gina, yes, that's the one.
Thanks for that! The feature is absolutely invaluable to me. Really appreciate the help. 10/10
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Hi Gina, yes, that's the one.
Hey Rusty,

To be really honest with you. Your profile should've never had this feature enabled, it's only for partners. We've been trying to find out if you were accidentally added to a testing group but it doesn't seem like it. Anyway, we've gone ahead and reinstated it.

Happy scheduling,
Gina 😉
Hi Gina, yes, that's the one.
Just to add, it is not specific to the latest track. I cannot access "availability" for any of my tracks.

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Hi Gina, yes, that's the one.
Ok, we're looking into it right now. Hang tight.

Hi Gina, yes, that's the one.
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Hi RustyQuill,

Is this the profile you are referring to:

It is original content so we have permission to distribute as we see fit.

We have enabled all permissions and the metadata is creative commons and allowing downloads etc.