Trouble Uploading New Podcast to iTunes

  • 7 December 2017
  • 3 replies

Hello - I'm trying to upload a new podcast to iTunes through Soundcloud but have an error message. I recently changed the screen name and now it comes up as 'Can't Sparse Your Feed' on my iTunes account. So I can't see progress of uploads and can't see anything else. Advice would be great...

3 replies

Have you set up your profile picture to be 1400 pixels wide by 1400 pixel height or 3000 x 3000?

What is your RSS feed URL?

This is a wild guess, because I am a software engineer. I may be way off the mark!

If you include special characters like "greater than" or "less than" in your RSS feed, then in theory then those characters could be breaking the XML that SoundCloud is producing for iTunes. Don't worry if you have no idea about XML and exactly what I am talking about. It is technical. Just try rewrite your podcast's title and episodes description with only alphabetic and number characters.

In any case, if you have RSS URL then other people (knowledgeable engineers) can test with a CURL command.
Also don't use any emoticons in your description, because they are UNICODE character, which means they are translated to the equivalent HTML entity codes. If you see an HTML entity in title or description then guess what they start with an ampersand character ( & ) and end with a semicolon ( ; ).

In short don't use any Emoticons in your track title and description, because Apple's iTune Podcast Connect reader probably will barf on them.
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Hi there,

Just going through some older topics on the community - I've double checked your account Modern Soccer Coach, and you're all set as far as your SoundCloud settings are concerned.

Hope everything is working for you and Peter was able to point you in the right direction. Thanks Peter!