trying to put podcast on stitcher

when I copy and paste my RSS feed on stitcher, I get this message: Error: We are unable to validate this RSS feed. Please check that the URL is correct, and make sure the feed is presently available for listening.

What in the heck is wrong and what can I do to fix it?


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What is the URL to the feed you're trying to submit to Stitcher?

I just copied it off soundcloud, but when I pasted on stitcher, I got that error message
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A couple things: 1.) Your image here:
Is above spec. It's 4782px square but shouldn't be larger than 3000px square. The file size itself is also way too big. You need to get the file size below 500k.

2.) You haven't actually published any podcast episodes to this feed. Most syndication points won't take a feed until it has least one episode in it.
when you say the file size what does that Mean? I have only done a promo for the podcast. i have not recorded the first episode yet.
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@Mindful in the Bible Belt,

If your podcast is "empty", meaning you haven't included any episodes in your RSS feed yet, many podcast services such as iTunes & Stitcher will show an error message.

Thus, make sure you have at least one episode of your podcast included in the RSS feed before submitting.

Here's more info:

Happy podcasting
I appreciate everyone helping me here. I know nothing about this stuff--total newbie!

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Use this image file instead of the one you have now:

This one conforms to the spec used by most podcast directories. You'll still need to publish an episode before you can submit the feed anywhere, tho.