Using Feedburner to add multiple iTunes categories to my podcast?

  • 11 July 2015
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Aware that SoundCloud does not yet have capability to add my podcast to multiple categories on iTunes.

Here I found a SoundCloud help article telling those of us that this feature is important for to use Feedburner. Got that all setup. BUT...

The article is not clear about whether we will need to change the rss feed here on SoundCloud or if somehow iTunes will magically pickup that information?!

What my guess is that we would also have to redirect our feeds?

Would you please clarify this for me?


Also do you know when these features might roll out?
  • multiple categories for iTunes
  • ability to define which episodes are explicit vs clean
  • a separate description section for user profiles and podcast summary
All of the above features would make my heart sing! And I'd never jump ship for Libsyn.

3 replies

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Hi there,

You don't need to do anything on SoundCloud side but you will need to submit the feedburner feed to iTunes. For the other feature requests please submit them here.

Gina- can you expand on what you mean with submitting the feedburner feed to iTunes? I have already submit my podcast to iTunes. Would this mean pulling the current feed or just updating it?

Thank you,
Did you figure this out yet? I also have the same question and the link posted above for Feedburner doesn't work anymore. Do you have an updated link?