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  • 10 May 2019
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How can I verify my profile?
I'm trying to upload my podcast to ITunes via an RSS link. But iTunes says "not confirmed".

Could you help me,please.

Best regards,

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Hey there,

  1. You have put a URL in the "Subscriber redirect" field in your content settings. This is only to be used if you decide you want to move away from SoundCloud as your host, but make sure your audience can still find old episodes. Thus, remove that link to fix the RSS feed.
  2. You have put the same URL in the "Stats service URL prefix" field in your content settings. This field should only be used for a podtrac URL, or a URL from another compatible service that provides extended stats for your podcast. If you haven't set up a service, just leave this field free.
This should already sort out your feed and iTunes should accept your RSS feed URL. :)

More about podcasting can be found here:

Best of luck!