What is this, and how is it possible?

  • 13 April 2018
  • 6 replies

6 replies

Instructions for Use.. OmG!!! stop them!!!
Wow...that is unsettling
I wonder why they do not stop this.
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Hi there,

😕 Always a concern seeing pages like this. Our Trust & Safety team has been informed about this one now. Please see here for more info from the team about this breach of ToU:

All the best
Hi Mathis,
I am shocked too!
But if I have to give information, I do not pull back, especially in these cases.
Thanks cmq. for your information, I had already taken steps to limit the abuse
If I can help even a small part, I point out the wrong things.
I hope everything will heal !

Ps-Sorry for my English!

Cheers !!
If it can be interesting, there are other links to abuse, which I can leave here or in private.
Let me know!
Thanks for your service