When will SoundCloud allow HTML in podcast descriptions?

  • 16 December 2014
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Lots of podcasts are using HTML in their post descriptions. Some are even including entire transcripts.

My podcast descriptions on SoundCloud do not allow HTML and look terrible on iTunes because none of the styling is carried over.

Attached is an ordered list in SoundCloud and the same in iTunes. Both looks bad, but iTunes is worse. Here is the link to the podcast:
SoundCloud -
iTunes -

What is SoundCloud doing to work better with iTunes?
Is there a switch somewhere where I can just turn on HTML?

5 replies

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for posting and for describing your query in such a detailed way. This is always quite helpful and makes it much easier for us to follow up :-)

Html compatibility was actually removed from the track description and bio fields recently, for the reason of it being a security vulnerability. Safety first, the decision was not an easy one, but our Trust & Safety team had to make that call.

I will make sure to pass your query on to the product team that owns the podcasting features.

In the meantime, you might be able to get your description updated through Feedburner. Admittedly, I am not entirely sure if they provide full html support, but it might be worth taking a look.

Thanks for explaining Mathis. I bet if you limited HTML to those with podcasts, it wouldn't be much of a threat.
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Hi. I have posted a similar request to this, and linked to this very post. Link is here

I understand allowing HTML is pointless, since it opens all sorts of security and risk doors.

What isn't a lost cause, though, is asking for Markdown support (or a similar basic plaintext fomatting parser).

Since the risk, according to SoundCloud (and common sense) is allowing free-form HTML, using an intermediate syntax parser like Markdown could make sure only "allowed" HTML goes through.

We've moved to SoundCloud because it offered a lot of benefits and only when here we realized proper show notes are impossible to produce. This is enough of a problem for us we're even thinking of moving back away from SoundCloud because of this (this is not a threat, it's just a reflection of how important notes are for us).

In a podcast normal blog posts are usually lost. Show notes are the only place where additional information can be given. Linked text (not just including the URLs), unordered lists, multiple paragraphs, bold and italics and possibly embedded images are all that's needed to be able to properly use the platform.

This editing form, in the support community, already includes more formatting options than necessary for podcasts.

I wouldn't mind if the ability was for paying customers only, either or if all links were replaced by soundcloud's own shortener (also for security purposes, but useful for tracking as well).

Part of me suspects this was removed to push for SoundCloud's own promoting mechanism, which would be disappointing.
i Believe one day they will do Foreigner Lol.
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Please reconsider allowing podcasters to format show notes (track descriptions) as images, links, contact info are VITAL to interactions with our listeners through the wide variety of podcast apps out there.