While playing podcasts from a user, can i play them from older to newer?

Some channels have hundreds of episodes sorted from newerest to olderest. But to listen from the beginning, there's no way to play them sequencially. everytime a episode ends, i have to skip back twice, to select the newer episode..

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your podcast client should have a setting to change the sort order...

sorry, i should have mentioned that i use the soundcloud app in iOS to hear the podcasts.
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your not actually using the podcast feature from soundcloud when using the soundcloud ios app.. that is just standard playback. a podcast would actually download the file to your device so that you would not need an internet connection once you have the new episode to listen.
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Hi Oak,

Yeah, sorry, sorting of your tracks is currently not available. You might want to make a playlist and add the tracks you're planning to listen to in your desired order, maybe this'll help?