Distribute your tracks to major music platforms

Distribute your tracks to major music platforms

Distribute your tracks to major music platforms

As a Repost by SoundCloud artist, you can reach audiences all over the world by getting your tracks on the platforms of our distribution partners. Keep checking back for our growing list of distribution channels below.

See below for information on our newest distribution channels

Snap: The Snap properties, which include Snapchat, Bitmoji and Zenly, enable users to create and edit text and multimedia messages by including filters, animations, effects, text captions or drawings.

Triller: Triller is a music-centric social networking app that allows users to create and share short-form soundtracked videos.

ROXi: ROXi creates a full entertainment experience with music streaming, radio, karaoke, music games, sound machine and photo visuals via the ROXi music system and connection to a smart TV.

Soundtrack your Brand: Soundtrack Your Brand provides background music for businesses that want to access a catalog of 51 Million+ licensed songs for either a single location or their chain stores.

Grandpad: Grandpad provides a simple, safe and secure technology for seniors - including music - to use as a way to connect with their loved ones.

Musicxmatch: Musicxmatch has the world’s largest lyric catalog, allowing you to drive deeper engagement with your audience and letting listeners find your songs based on what they remember best: lyrics.

Tunesat: Tunesat’s audio recognition technology will scan TV channels and websites around the globe to discover where your music is being played—so you can get paid.

Soundmouse: Soundmouse reports music usage to broadcasters and collecting societies for them to identify the use of the rights owners’ copyright material on radio, TV, online and across other media.

Pretzel: Pretzel provides DMCA-safe music for monetized streams and VODs (videos on demand) on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. To make sure your content is cleared for Pretzel, be sure to fill out this form in addition to selecting Pretzel in the distribution flow.

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