Selecting a Display name and Profile URL for your account

Your Display name and Profile URL are what the public first sees before even streaming your tracks. Similar to an in-person introduction, this is your chance to make a memorable first impression.

Your Display name doesn’t need to be unique, so no need to use the word "official" or any numbers (unless of course numbers are part of your name). The cleaner your display name is, the better your profile will look on SoundCloud and other sites and apps when it is embedded. It will also be easier for search engines and listeners to find you.

Your Profile URL needs to be unique, similar to your social media handle on platforms like Instagram or Twitter. It’s what shows up in your profile link after soundcloud.com/. Choosing a memorable and easy-to-share Profile URL can help establish and grow your brand. It betters your chances of search engines like Google finding you, it helps fans understand what they’re clicking through to, and it’s how other users can tag you in comments, track info and profile bios on SoundCloud. Would you rather click on a profile that is called @User9482837482 or @BillieEilish? Pick a Profile URL that represents your brand and makes it easy for users to start streaming and sharing your content. To learn more about setting up your Display name and Profile URL, click here.