500 error on Curl

  • 12 April 2019
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I've a website that need to upload metas before to embed soundcloud podcast.
The metas are uploaded via curl and return a 500 error.

To debug, i've tried to manually launch curl from the shell.
On my localhost, everything is fine.
On my server through a public proxy everything is fine.
On my server directly, i've the message below

I've read on some posts that it could be due to an IP blacklist like
Can you whitelist my IP ?


PS : The site is only managed by few person and will not request often the soundcloud website.
The calls to the website are only made when it add podcasts.

4 replies

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Hi Jean,

I've asked the relevant engineering team about this. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however due to a lot of abusive / spam / fake content from OVH's servers, our security team had to block their range of IP addresses, thus it is indeed the root cause to the error message you're seeing 😕
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Thanks for your efforts trying to resolve my problem @Mathis