Account no longer linked to Twitter

  • 29 December 2017
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I've found that my activity is no longer being tweeted, and I no longer have the ability to connect my accounts. This is a fairly significant irritation.

Could I ask why this change has occurred?

As I potential customer who is considering a subscription to further press my music, I'd like the Soundcloud team to be more open with it's userbase on why certain decisions are made. Information I'm lacking so far is:

Why was the change made to remove Twitter connections?
Will this functionality return?
Will Facebook connections be removed as well?

I'm disappointed that this feature has been taken away very quietly. It reeks of disrespect, and that won't encourage me to commit to a plan with you guys. Soundcloud hardly needs the bad press these days, given there's speculation on whether you'll survive another fiscal year.


1 reply

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No reply yet. Could a member of staff please advise.