Autoplay doesn't work on wordpres

  • 10 June 2018
  • 4 replies

For quite a while now isn't the auto play working with wordpress code. Instead a kind of playlist appears.
Does anyone know what has happened or why it has change???!!!
Have been in contact with soundcloud a couple of times, but nobody has come back to me.

4 replies

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Hi Thea,

Can you let the community members know the URL of your website and the track / playlist you're trying to embed? Also, you can always test SoundCloud embed codes on pages like to see if they are working in the first place.

If an embed works there, but not on your website, chances are something in the code of your website is causing the embedded player to behave differently - a good starting point to debug and find the root cause 🙂
Thanks for coming back to me ... my blog - and it's problems with all tracks and the ones I have added earlier through the years has changed too - the autoplay is gone on them, but they don't show two add tracks.
Have used track for all my post for nearly 4 years now ... never had this problems before.
Hi it works on squarefree .... but how do I debug???? Not that technical.

Hey Thea Maria have you managed to fix your autoplay issue?