Bug concerning link sharing and RSS feed.

  • 4 February 2019
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after I uploaded a track in private / secret mode, I have no option to share or obtain the secret link anymore. The help center says "click the share button to share or reset the secret link" but there is no Share button. I have a "... more" button, which contains "add to next up", "add to playlist", "stats", "edit track", "delete track". Non of the buttons/links allows me to share, obtain or change the secret link. I know this worked somehow in the past but does not at the moment - currently I need to reupload everytime I would want to share a song...

This stuff below the waveform, I dont have that. Yes, I am logged in!

A second bug is, the RSS feed is not https.

And just a found a third bug:
When I hit "This page was not usefull" in your help center,
the question "How can we improve...?" appears, but the text box where I can enter the feedback does not appear, so your question cannot be answered.


lol just found a 4th bug on soundcloud.
Going to "" with a mobile user agent on desktop leads to an infinite redirect loop.

3 replies

Thanks for fixing the first bug so fast, I got the button now!

I can't edit my question anymore, but here is a 5th bug: I can't delete a track from the mobile phone, there is simply no button.

Bug #3 was caused by AdblockPlus blocking SurveyMonkey I think, not sure tho.
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Hey there,

If you've removed the track from your account on a computer but the track is "stuck" on your mobile device, chances are your phone is still caching it. Restarting the device, or reinstalling the app should get rid of it for good.

Deleting tracks is currently not something you can do on a mobile phone. You can, however, change the privacy settings using the SoundCloud Pulse app.

Hope this does the track for you.