"Buy Link Title" is gone?

  • 20 November 2015
  • 4 replies

The 'Buy Link Title' field (that used to be next to where you enter the buy link) is not in Metadata anymore.
So I guess I can't customize the link title any longer? Or is there a way to show this elsewhere?

4 replies

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Hi Gak,

The title link should still be there, can you share a screenshot with me of what this looks like for you?


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Hey hey,

Looks like you upgraded on that same day - customizing the buy link is a pro feature, so I'd assume you took the screenshot when you were still on a free account.

Hope this helps to shed some light on the issue.

I had a pro plan and then downgraded due to financial stress. I recently changed the price and put in a new link, but it still reads the old price.

I think Soundcloud should allow something as simple as a Buy Title. I don't really understand how that's a "Pro" feature. It's extremely rudimentary and basic. If I'm allowed to sell through this platform with a free account, I should be allowed to make a simple edit without having to upgrade. I don't want to mislead someone who looks at the price and then sees something different after they click through.

All of this is just my opinion however, and I do plan to upgrade in the future, but for now it would be nice to have this feature.