Can my avatar from an old account be deleted? I'm not using that account but it still appears when I search it on google.

  • 27 December 2014
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Can my avatar from a deleted account be deleted from your servers? I'm not using that account for months but it still appears when I search my account on google, here's the link:

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Hey hey,

We sure can help. Have you deleted the account as such, though? In order for it (& the image) to disappear from the search engine, you would need to delete the account as such.

You can delete your SoundCloud account by logging in and going to: If you created this account with Facebook, then you'll need to set a SoundCloud password first to do this, you can do this here -

Be aware, it is not possible to remove your account on a mobile device.

Please note: due to our compliance with data protection laws, deleted accounts are permanently removed from our servers and cannot be restored.