Can't Repost or Like songs

  • 9 December 2014
  • 8 replies

I'm using the Android mobile version of the soundcloud app and more often than not while I'm listening to the stream, I go to like or repost a song and it immediately unposts the song or unlikes what I like.

I tried uninstalling about three times now so I'm convinced that's not the issue.
I'm not actually sure what the issue is to be honest lol. Please help, its pretty frustrating.

8 replies

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Hi vibeosphere,

Sorry to hear this is causing troubles on your end. Hmm, let's see - I wasn't able to reproduce this just now, so here are a few basic maintenance steps to try on your device in order to fix this (even though you've uninstalled the app before, I'd recommend to run these steps through to make sure the app gets a fresh approach):

1. Log out of the app
2. Force stop it by going to your Application Manager and clicking 'Force Stop'.
3. Under this menu also click 'Clear Cache'.
4. Restart your device
5. Open the app and log in again

*If none of these steps help to sort out the issue, please try deleting the app and re-installing it once again from the Google Play store.

Alright Mathis, thanks, I'll give it a try
this happened to me too, please help
i need help with this to, its so annoying
happened again, please help. soundcloud is turning into the biggest pain in the ass
need to be unblocked, this really needs to be fixed...
^ this sucks
i need to be unblocked