Can't share private tracks on app?

  • 20 February 2017
  • 6 replies

My boyfriend is trying to send me some old old private tracks on the app but there's no share button and no way to make them public. We tried creating a playlist but the tracks don't show up on it for me. Any advice?

6 replies

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Hi there Bonnie,

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to share private tracks on our mobile app. However, you can a) share the secret link for the track via email from a computer web browser, or b) change the privacy settings via a computer web browser, or via the SoundCloud Pulse app.

Hope this helps :-)

It's been about 4+ years since SoundCloud eliminated that feature on apps, along with messages to and from artists and fans. They don't care about this feature, otherwise they would have reimplemented it in the app years ago because people have been bitching about losing this feature for ages now. Sorry to let you know they are not working on re-enabling this feature any time soon because they really don't care about artists or fans in the slightest.
It really is the most worthless app. Prevents you from doing anything useful or convenient.
You force using the app on iPhone, yet essential functionality is not available?
How absolutely idiotic is it that they even give you a "SHARE" link on private tracks with the mobile app yet the links are USELESS because they aren't the "SECRET" Absolutely mind boggling the priorities of this company.
This is the death of Soundcloud ... SMH