Changing Soundcloud URL - Older Links shared are lost

  • 7 September 2018
  • 1 reply

When i change my Soundcloud URL, all of my soundcloud links that have been previously post on other websites become obsolete since they're not attached to an active URL no more. Is there any way to change that URL while still keeping those older links alive? Any solutions or ideas are welcome. thanks

1 reply

I also have this problem. It is difficult to find the track once the link has changed, so in addition to the link I now save the displayed user name and song title. I have collected many broken links by now.


I think that in addition to being annoying, this is a copyright problem. If someone releases a song under a CC-by license, somebody else uses this song and then link breaks, it is impossible or takes a lot effort to find the new link to the original song.