Connection to FB only post to personal profile and not in fan page

  • 23 April 2015
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I added in settings/connections FB and twitter.
Twitter is working great but FB only posts to my personal profile which is the one I use to administrate the FB fan page, yes i did add the fan page to the connection but nothing is posted there.

1 reply

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Hi there UCRadio,

My apologies about that. I'll try and shed some light on this. These features currently don't work properly for Facebook fan pages. As you might have noticed, the "connections" page in your settings is currently still showing an old design. Our engineers and designers are currently working on the nuts and bolts of this page to see which feature we can make work (and how) with other social networks, such as Facebook.

You can still share the actions manually by sharing the link directly into the status field on Facebook. Also, upon clicking the "Share" button, you will be able to verify where you want the shared post to appear - in your case, that would be on "a page you manage".

Probably not exactly the response you were hoping for, but I hope this helps understanding the issue a bit better.

All the best