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  • 16 November 2014
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  • Booker*
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it seems like most of the songs under the creative commons licence (for commercial use) do not have download buttons for them (example: search dubstep creative commons use commercially). is it the artist that has to enable the download button?

3 replies

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Hi MJ,

Yes, the ability to allow download on the track is up to creator of the track. You can always try messaging them directly?

Let me know if I can answer any further questions!

Thanks for the reply Gina,
So not having a download button does not negate the creative commons license?

when I search I usually search for "to use commercially". It seems confusing to see songs under that license that are not downloadable.
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Yup, I understand how that could cause confusion. We do not enforce or couple settings on accounts, so for example: marking your account with Creative Commons license does not automatically enable all your tracks for download. Perhaps some user's don't mind that you play their music but don't actually want you to download it? Or, it could be that the track was available for download but then it reached it's download limit and the option is hidden.

Again, I recommend you get in touch with the users who's sound you'd like to download.