Embed api.js source code in web page

  • 26 August 2016
  • 2 replies

Hi there.

I was wondering if it was OK to embed the resource in a web page. In other words, take the source code from that file and include it in my web page.

This is done to improve the page loading.



2 replies

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Hi Morten,

Please see our developer Terms of Use.
Hi Mathis.

OK. Well I don't see anything that says I can't include the api.js in the web page, and for a regular visitor to the web site, they won't see a difference except maybe for a faster page load/page render.

Am I maybe in the clear if I embed the api.js contents in the web page, but prepend a notice to the code that this code is from the given URL and that it is for the player controls below the SoundCloud widget, embedded for page load/render speed and copyright SoundCloud?