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  • 3 January 2019
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Hey folks, I'm launching a podcast tomorrow and our website is hosted by Wix. We have embedded the code on the backend of the 'blog page' and through the edit process it shows up on the screen but when you look at it live on the website sometimes it shows up, and sometimes it choses to no show up.

I have tried this on Android & Ios / PC & Mac, safari and chrome... all to mixed results, and sometimes different results in the exact same ecosystem 5 minutes apart.

I called wix and they pointed the finger to soundclouds html code... has anyone dealt with this issue, and have a fix or am I SOL as i have already invested a year sub on Wix / Soundcloud combo?

For those who want to see if it works or not...

Not working:

Working state... same computer, refreshed 10 min later, disappeared again

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