Embedded Tracks No Longer Play on Other Sites

  • 12 November 2017
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Very recent issue on SoundCloud: track is embedded on a webpage, doesn't matter whether it's a WordPress blog or an external site. Track shows up just fine including cover, comments, SoundCloud overlay, etc. Press the Play button and nothing happens: no sound and the gauge stays at 00:00.

Following possibilities have been ruled out:

1) It's not a browser issue -- happens on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE.
2) Other tracks from other SoundCloud users play just fine -- appears to be only this account.
3) Sound turned up (yes, we checked that first).
4) Everything plays just fine on the SoundCloud website -- it's only embedded tracks on other sites that experience this problem.
5) As mentioned, this is a very recent issue -- only started occurring within the past couple of weeks, and it appears to affect all embedded tracks (even those uploaded months ago).

Frankly, we're stumped. Anyone else have this? We may end up abandoning SoundCloud for this reason.

4 replies

We've had to do our own investigative work on this issue. Apparently, SoundCloud no longer plays embedded tracks if you upload an .aif or .wav file. It only seems to work on mp3's. We have not yet definitively verified this to be 100% the case 100% of the time, but early tests seem to confirm. This appears to be a very recent change in the SoundCloud algorithm. Would have been nice to get a notification of some sort.
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Hi there,

Hmm, I've just tested this from my end - at first the tracks wouldn't work, but wouldn't work on either for some reason. We've been able to sort this out from here now, though. When testing in a different browser and with a fresh cache, the tracks were playing properly.

Can you confirm?
Thank you for following up.

Confirming that all tracks play in Thank you.

Also confirming that tracks uploaded as .aif/.wav do *not* play when embedded in websites. Tracks uploaded as mp3 play in any browser or website scenario.

It is strange, because this wasn't the case before. We even went back to see if we were exporting our files correctly from the bounce tracks.
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Hi again,

Hmm - very odd! Definitely not expected behavior. Can you provide an example track URL so we can further investigate from our end?